200,000,000 kWh of Electricity Saved!


The LED Jobsite by Lind Equipment has reached a huge goal this year. On June 24th, 2019, the LED Jobsite helped save 200,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity with high-efficiency LED products. The LED Jobsite system is an award-winning system of purpose-built, patented plug and play LED temporary construction lights. This system not only saves energy, but it reduces labour time on installation and maintenance! The LED Jobsite also promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. Gone are the days of wasteful disposable temp lighting on jobsites. Bring Lind Equipment products with you from jobsite to jobsite and never have to worry about buying lights again.

Contractors like you are saving hundreds and thousands in labour and materials right now using the LED Jobsite!

In The News

This energy savings milestone is the equivalent to removing 32,000 cars off the road for one year, or powering 22,000 homes on an annual basis. If you monetize the savings using an average of 10 cents/kWh (national average), it adds up to $20M of savings in electricity costs.
— Susan Azevedo, LED Jobsite Product Manager, Lind Equipment

The IMPACT We’ve Had…

Contractors typically throw out about 75% of the traditional lighting after a project, whereas they reuse our products. So we calculate we’ve saved over 169,255 KG of waste
— Brian Astl, President, Lind Equipment

Who’s Helped Us Save?

Our most sincerest gratitude goes out to the LED Jobsite Community. We could not have reached this magnificant feat without your participation.

Thank You
— The LED Jobsite Team