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As the key point of management in a project, adopting the LED Jobsite can benefit you both in terms of cost savings and in adding real tangible value to your client.  Increasingly, developers are looking to GC/CMs that can build in a sustainable way and bring new ideas and technology to improve the build process.  The LED Jobsite can do all this, while saving you money. 

The LED Jobsite can pay back the initial investment even on the first job, making it an easy decision to pursue.  Savings come in many different forms, including:

  • Reduction in electricity usage up to 90%. This dramatic reduction will pay for the LED Jobsite alone in most cases.

  • Reduction in labor (either directly if you take on site lighting, or indirectly via reducing your electrician's time)

    • No bulbs to change

    • No maintenance to perform

    • Easy installation and removal

    • Easy repurposing of lights after initial build to fit-out (lights quickly move from hanging to tripod/stand/magnet/clamp mount)

  • Reduction in equipment costs as the LED Jobsite lights can be reused from project to project, unlike current bulb-based lights which are expensed every time

  • Potential LEED credit in Innovation in Design. Quite possibly the only LEED credit that will save you money.

In addition, depending on your business model, we have flexible options of how you can adopt the LED Jobsite.  If site lighting is solely the purview of your electrician, then we can work with them to adopt the concept and ensure everyone wins from reduced costs.  For those GCs that self-perform, you can own your LED Jobsite lights outright through our LED Jobsite Classic program, or have us deliver the LED Jobsite as a service through the LED Jobsite On Demand program.

Please reach out to us and let's talk about how the LED Jobsite will make a large positive impact on your next project.  We can be involved at any stage, but we can add the most value during your pursuit of a new project as the LED Jobsite can help you to win more jobs.  We can provide free consulting advice on LED Jobsite layouts, savings models, and even LEED credit applications.  Fill out the form below, email us at or call us at 877.475.5463 today.

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