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LED Jobsite lights are designed to save and time and money for contractors.  Don’t waste your time and money with stringlights that are bulky, cumbersome to install, and difficult to salvage. 

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LED Jobsite Features - Click to See the BENEFITS to YOUR Project

+ Ultra-Efficient, High Quality LEDs

Very low power consumption:

  • Electricity cost savings – 80% average
  • Daisy-chain more units on single circuit
  • Drastic reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Bright uniform light coverage
  • No maintenance
  • Increased safety – cool running
  • Instant start-up (even in cold temperatures)

+ Pre-Installed Triple-Outlet Daisy Chain. Custom Cord Lengths to Match Light Coverage

Huge time & labor savings. Plug ‘n play daisy-chain design makes it super easy to install, move & take down. Easily branch off into various directions or individual rooms. No extra extension cords or cables required.

+ Modular and Interconnectable Plug n Play System

Take control over your lighting. Mix and match various lights to create custom patterns that best suit your unique jobsite. LED Jobsite lights empower you to use a perfectly suited light exactly where you need it. Plug n play installation saves countless man-hours. Gone are the days of struggling with bulky stringlights just to throw them away at the end of each job.

+ Rugged and Durable Construction

Cast aluminum & polycarbonate construction with potted internal components. Designed to exceed even military grade drop test requirements. Tough lights that will be used again and again on multiple projects. No longer will you have to go through the expensive and wasteful process of buying new stringlights for every job, only to cut them down and throw them out afterwards. Increased safety – no bulb breakage/exposure to UV radiation & toxic heavy metals (as found in CFL & metal halide bulbs)

+ Variety Of Mounting Options

Tailor the LED Jobsite lighting system to suit your needs with a variety of mounting options. Hang lights from the ceiling with an eyebolt, or choose a magnet mount option for steel beams. Repurpose those same lights as task lighting by mounting on a tripod or floor stand. LED Jobsite lights offer unmatched versatility for any application. Adaptable throughout all phases of your project.

+ IP65 Weatherproof Rated

OSHA codes mandate all temporary lighting to be suitable for outdoor use and rated for wet locations. Exposure to the elements will not degrade, rust or damage the LED Jobsite lighting system.

+ Integrated Fixture – No Bulbs

There is a big difference between an LED “bulb” and an “integrated fixture.” The LED Jobsite lighting system does not utilize any bulbs because bulbs are inefficient, not very bright, and often fail/break. Integrated LED fixtures, on the other hand, are designed to provide ultra-efficient high lumen output – and require no maintenance or replacement. Integrated fixtures will result in significant savings because you will require less fixtures overall.

+ -40 F (-40c) To +104 F (+40c) Operating Range

Built to withstand the elements and extreme temperatures.

+ Compact Lightweight Design

Makes installation and take-down effortless. Very easy to transport from jobsite to jobsite or store away in-between projects. Compact & lightweight, yet still tough as nails.

+ 90v-277v Input Range

Enables longer circuit runs without a concern about voltage drops. No need to rewire for different voltages.

+ 4kv Surge Protection

Safeguard against voltage spikes.

+ 4500-5000k Light Temperature

Increase safety & productivity with crisp, bright white light (with no blue tint). Closer to sunlight and comfortable on the human eye.

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