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Win more projects by incorporating the LED Jobsite into your bid, plain and simple.  Our studies show contractors win or lose a job by a margin of just 3% on average.  You need every tool at your disposal to give you an advantage over your competition.

The LED Jobsite provides a new way of thinking about jobsite lighting.  Forget bulb-based string lights and high bay lights, the LED Jobsite brings new lights and new form factors to create a completely different way of thinking.  The lights hang up in the way you currently do your work, and connect in to 90-270V power.  There are no transformers to buy, no additional labor required.  However, LED Jobsites save hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity for your client, which makes your bid more competitive.  By including the LED Jobsite in your pitch, you essentially reduce your bid by the savings you are providing for the client.

Let's look at an example:

  • $50,000,000 construction project, 2 years duration, 24/7 temporary site lighting requirements

  • Winning bid on electrical package is $3,000,000

  • Second place bid on average would be 3% higher, or $3,090,000. This is a $90,000 difference

  • LED Jobsite would save approximately $180,000 in electrical savings alone for the client, far more than the additional investment required

This difference is more than enough to make up for typical margin of victory.  You can go from second or third place in the bidding to the winner by including the LED Jobsite.

In addition to the electrical savings, the LED Jobsite saves you time and money during delivery.  Due to the unique construction of our LED Jobsite lights, you will:

  • Reduce the number of temporary lighting circuits (fewer circuit runs, smaller panel size and temp power distribution)

  • Decrease installation time (fewer lights to hang)

  • Reduce maintenance activities (no bulbs to change)

  • Lower repurposing and uninstall time (lights easily come down and move, and can be mounted on tripods for portable area lighting)

  • Reuse the lights again and again from project to project, further increasing your ROI

  • Be able to offer your clients a LEED credit for using LED Jobsite, a great value add!

How it works:

  1. Become an authorized ‘LED Jobsite Contractor’ by having your pursuit teams (sales, estimators) trained on the LED Jobsite solution with our quick, free training program

  2. Provide Lind details on your upcoming project pursuits (e.g. blueprints) and Lind will create a free, customized pitch package complete with savings information for your client

  3. Incorporate the LED Jobsite pitch package into your bid and win more projects

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