The LED Jobsite can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next project, depending on its size and duration.  By requesting your general contractor to make your next project an LED Jobsite, you can achieve many different benefits, all with a net-positive cost implication.

  • Dramatically reduce electricity costs, either directly (if you pay for the power) or indirectly (pass-through savings from your GC)

  • Reduce installation time, maintenance materials, and temporary lighting and power equipment spends

  • Potentially receive a LEED credit for Innovation in Design. This may be the only LEED credit that saves you money, so it's a critical one to include in your first pass of potential credits

  • Promote your commitment to sustainable design and construction

As a free service, Lind Equipment can provide you with detailed savings information that is specific to your project.  We can also help you with developing RFQ content to specify the LED Jobsite, LEED credit application and public communication of your positive impacts.

Contact Lind Equipment today to talk specifically about the impact the LED Jobsite can have on your project.  Fill out the form below, email us at or call us at 877.475.5463.

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