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Lind Equipment’s line of portable lighting offered us a very high-quality constructed product with the options we required for a complex temporary lighting solution at an affordable price. Great overall value including ease of installation. We will definitely be using Lind products again
— Brian Shiles, Paul Durham Electric, Inc

LED Jobsite: A Cost-Efficient Lighting Solution

The LED Jobsite system is an award-winning system of purpose-built, patented plug and play LED temporary construction lights that you can mix and match to fit your project, and all the projects to come. 

Watch the two-minute video (below) to learn how the LED Jobsite works.

LED Jobsite System

A Complete Plug & Play System That Will Save Time and Money On Your Project.

Built Tough. Reuse from Project to Project Year After Year. Click each light to learn more about each product.

Reduce labor costs up to 95%

  • Each light has a pre-installed cord that matches the light coverage to OSHA standards

  • Easy to install and reposition - no hard wiring required

  • Large coverage means using fewer lights

  • Triple outlet daisy chain allows for mutliple paths of links off same circuit

  • Durable lights last for multiple projects and are completely weatherproof

  • Reduce waste from landfills by reusing products again and again

  • Up to 90% less energy usage

  • Potential for LEED credit

  • Promote sustainable construction practices

Beacon Tower Yellow Lay Flat Up.png

Also check out the award-winning Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower. It brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package. Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability.

The LED Jobsite Impact

The LED Jobsite by Lind Equipment pays for itself on the first project, and will dramatically reduce downtime, site injuries, and maintenance & installation costs. Substantial labor savings will be realized as LED Jobsite lights require significantly less circuits and are easier to install, move and take down. Adopting the LED Jobsite will pay itself back on the first project and with the benefit of reusing the lights on multiple projects, you will further increase your ROI.

Save the planet

Save time and money

Join our community of construction firms making a difference.
To date, the LED Jobsite has:

You can rest assured knowing that your LED Jobsite is powered by Lind Equipment, an expert in portable lighting for over 65 years.  Lind Equipment's portable LED lighting is used in the toughest workplaces in the world, including mines, military, industrial facilities, and of course, construction sites.  Lind Equipment is a proud member of the US and Canadian Green Building Councils.


Get Started

Get started today with the LED Jobsite by Lind Equipment.  Click on your role below to start the process of saving money and the planet.

The LED Jobsite provides you with net positive impacts every time, including a potential LEED credit.

Save money and add value to your clients.  Be the innovative and sustainable builder that they want you to be.

Win more jobs with the LED Jobsite. Bring savings to the table to be the electrician of choice.

Project Gallery

In this gallery, you can see live counters tracking the savings and positive environmental impact of using the LED Jobsite.  We can create pages like these for your project so that you can promote your good choices.

Learn more about a few of our projects by clicking the images below.

For us, it was a fairly easy decision. The additional cost of the LED lighting was modest relative to the energy savings. It also had clear environmental benefits.
— Greg Topinka, NAIT Director of Capital Projects
Download the NAIT PIC Case Study

Download the NAIT PIC Case Study

Featured Projects

Tsawwassen Mills.  We recently worked with Ledcor, a $3B construction firm, to create an LED Jobsite at a major retail development. Click here to download the white paper.  Click here to see the completed project page.

NAIT Productivity and Innovation Centre.  Read this article on the benefits of LED Jobsite at this project by Clark Builders.

Recent Media Coverage

June, 24th, 2019, the LED Jobsite community reached another magnificent milestone, 200,000,000 kWh of electricity was saved using ultra-efficiency Lind Equipment LED lights. Doubling the 100,000,000 kWh milestone that was only reached a year ago.

Change More than Just a Bulb”, eloquently explains the advantages and savings associated with adopting the LED Jobsite lighting solution to your worksite.

Electrical Products and Solutions want you to know that “Purpose-Built LED Lighting is a Better Choice for Jobsites”

Concrete Construction Magazine highlighted the LED Jobsite in an article about "Increasing Productivity Through Better Lighting”

At the 2018 National Electrical Contractor Association convention, our Beacon360 Spark modular stringlight won the 2018 Showstopper Award for best new products. Learn more about it here.

We’ve launched a new suite of LED Jobsite products that are smaller, more efficient, more durable, and can all connect together to create a complete temporary construction lighting system. Learn more about it here.

On May 1, 2018, our community of LED Jobsite contractors collectively surpassed the 100,000,000 kWh milestone for electricity saved using the LED Jobsite.  Learn more about this amazing achievement.

Construction Executive magazine interviews Brian Astl, President of Lind Equipment, to bust the "Five Misconceptions of Construction Jobsite Lighting."

Modern Contractor Solutions magazine talks about how jobsite lighting should be thought of as an asset, with quotes from Lind Equipment.  "Jobsite Lighting: Asset or Consumable"

Construction Executive magazine highlights how the LED Jobsite can "Bring Cost and Energy Savings to the Jobsite"