The Seton YMCA LED Jobsite

Seton ymca

Seton ymca


The Seton YMCA currently under construction by Bird Construction is an LED Jobsite, where most of the temporary construction lights are state-of-the-art purpose built LED lights.  Compared to traditional bulb-based lighting, this Bird Construction project has already:

As a true multi-use, multi-generational community facility, the Seton YMCA will include a water park, competition lane pool, diving, two multi-purpose ice rinks, gymnasiums, a fitness centre, a theatre, dedicated art space and a full-service public library.

At 330,000 sq. ft., the Seton recreation facility will be a community hub where people of all ages and abilities can come together to play, learn, exercise, relax and have fun.

In a continuing effort by Bird Construction to incorporate sustainable practices into all aspects of the building, Seton YMCA will adopt the LED Jobsite during the construction phase. The LED Jobsite can replace all traditional bulb-based temporary construction lighting with state-of-the-art purpose built LED lights. From the crane lights to the sidewalk hoarding lighting, the LED Jobsite will save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce waste.