The Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre

LED Jobsite

Red deer college gary w. harris canada games centre

Red deer college gary w. harris canada games centre


Sustainability of a project starts on the first day.

The Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre currently under construction on the Red Deer College Campus is a leading example of innovation and sustainability in the construction of a project.  This LED Jobsite, where most of the temporary construction lights are state-of-the-art purpose built LED lights, is an example of improving construction processes with the environmental impact in mind.  Compared to traditional construction site bulb-based lighting, this Clark Builders joint-venture project with Scott Builders has already:

This centre will help to shape the future of Red Deer College, offering new spaces to increase and enhance programming, and position RDC to continue expanding its role in driving the prosperity and vibrancy of the region.  The facility will also provide a remarkable array of resources and programs to all residents, with community access that is inclusive and multi-generational, promoting healthy lifestyle development for all ages.

In a continuing effort by Clark Builders to incorporate sustainable practices into all aspects of the building, Red Deer College will adopt the LED Jobsite during the construction phase. The LED Jobsite replaces traditional bulb-based temporary construction lighting with state-of-the-art purpose built LED lights. The LED Jobsite will save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and reduce waste.