LED Jobsite Lights

The LED Jobsite system is an award-winning set of purpose-built, patented plug and play lights that you can mix and match to fit your project, and all the projects to come.  Click on the pictures below for more details.

Just some of the great features include:

  • Each light has a pre-installed cord that matches the light coverage to OSHA standards

  • Easy to install and reposition - no hard wiring required

  • Triple outlet daisy chain on all lights (except crane/pit) allows for multiple paths of links on the same circuit

  • Durable lights last for multiple projects and are completely weatherproof

Beacon Tower Yellow Lay Flat Up.png

Also check out the award-winning Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower. It brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package. Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability.