LE980LED Light Head

The standard light tower comes complete with metal halide bulbs and fixtures. But these bulbs often break during transport to the job site, and use a massive amount of energy. This energy usage means frequent refueling of a generator, which costs time and money.

On cranes and on construction pits, 1000W metal halide light fixtures are mounted dozens of feet in the air on the mast to light up the work site below. Mounting these heavy fixtures is difficult, and changing the bulbs even a bigger problem. Plus, as with tower lights, traditional crane lights use a ton of energy and are often left running 24/7.


For these and any other applications where you need the largest areas lit up, Lind Equipment offers the LE980LED wide area LED tower light. At only 200W of energy usage, it puts out the same amount of useable light as a 1000W metal halide while using only 20% of the energy.

Rugged durable construction, completely weatherproof, instant start, and with easy to use adjustable yoke, the LE980LED can be relied upon to work all the time, every time. 

The LE980LED is popular as a direct retrofit replacement for tower and crane lights.  Keep your existing investment in your generator stand or tower stand and simply replace the bulb-based light heads with the LE980LED.  Our unique yoke system allows for easy mounting to any surface, and allows for quick angle adjustment to make sure the light gets to where you need it. 

The LE980LED can pay for itself versus continuing to use 1,000W metal halide lights.

LE980LED Specs

Approvals: cETLus portable work light
Light Temperature: 4500K (bright white light - no blue tint)
Lumens: 30,000
Watts: 200W
LED Life Expectancy: The integrated LED chip is designed to last for 50,000 hours.
Environmental Rating: IP65 (weatherproof)
Construction: Cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lenses, adjustable yoke, 15' cord with 5-15P plug
Weight: 16 lbs (light head only)
Height: 17" (light head)
Length: 12.5" (light head)
Depth: 6" (light head)
Warranty: Three years (see details)

Mounting Options

Lind LE980LED Crane/Pit lights illuminate the entire jobsite from pole mounts at the corners of the site.

Lind LE980LED Crane/Pit lights illuminate the entire jobsite from pole mounts at the corners of the site.

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