LED JS Spark.jpg

Beacon360 Spark

Use in hallways, stairwells, and small areas.  This light sends its beam down and to the sides, so is best used in regular height ceiling areas.

Use in place of traditional stringlights.

Space 15' apart for proper OSHA standards adherence for temporary lighting levels in a construction site.

Versus your standard stringlights, the Lind Beacon360 Trek:

  • Use 6 x Sparks in place of a 100' stringlight
  • Easy to remove - no more cutting and disposing, just unplug and reuse
  • 50% energy reduction
  • Better light color and dispersion
  • Plug and play with other LED Jobsite lights
  • No bulbs to change or lose
  • Extremely durable
  • Theft-deterrent fixture

Part number: LE360LEDS-8P7C comes with 15' total cord, triple outlet 5-15C daisy-chain and 5-15P plug.